3 Step Diamond Wet Polishing Pad for Granite

3 Step Diamond Wet Polishing Pad for Granite

Origin: China
Inventory: 999999

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In order to meet the strict requirements of our famous customers at home and abroad for our Concrete Floor Grinding Machine, diamond encrusted polishing pads, Diamond Wheel For Marble, we have been committed to cultivating talents who lead the frontier of technology. We strictly implement the production standard of "standardization, modularization and generalization".
We are willing to sincerely cooperate with customers with advanced and reliable technology, as much equipment as possible and good quality.

Application scenarios

Diamond wet polishing pad is a flexible tool made of diamond as abrasive material and composite material. It can be used for processing of marble, granite, stone. The processed stone has high efficiency and good finish. Adding water to grind ,from coarse to fine to polishing, to meet various needs.



1、competitive price and superior quality
2、Best package and fast delivery
3、Excellent service
4、Handmade, fine operation , very convenient
5、Different fineness degrees selectable
6.The wet polishing pad can be customized into any shape and color to meet your requirement

Application Use them from 1 (coarse) to 3 (Fine)

Recommended rotating speed 2500RPM;
Recommend wet working for better finishing, and it is ok to dry working;

Designed for fast polishing on marble soft stone floor


These Premium White 3 Steps Pads are great for polishing granite, marble, and engineered stone, the pads specially designed to leave a great finish and require less steps and time. The diamond pads use high grade diamonds, a trusted pattern design, and quality resin. These attributes make the polishing pads a premium product for fabricators, installers, and distributors.

The White 3 Steps Pads come in a variety of sizes, the 4”(100mm) polishing pad is most popular, they are available in 3”(80mm), 4”(100mm), 5”(125mm).

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