Three Colors Ceramic Resin Polishing Pads

Three Colors Ceramic Resin Polishing Pads

Origin: China

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It is a flexible machining tool made of diamond and composite materials
Velcro cloth is stuck on the back of the mill for grinding
It can be used for special-shaped processing of stone, ceramics, glass, floor tiles and other materials, and is suitable for stone polishing.


1. Easy to use,polishing efficiency is faster;
2. Polishing brightness is higher than 95 glossness;
3. Logo could be customized after communication;
4. High quality resin powder and diamond are adopted;
5. Adopt the high-quality nylon sticky cloth, adhesion is good and the reusable is not easy to be damaged.

Specification 3"  4"  5"  6"
Diameter 80mm 100mm 125mm 150mm
Grit size 50# 100# 200# 400# 800# 1500# 3000#
Thickness 3mm
Application grinding and polishing marble, granite and other special-shaped stone materials
Usage Wet or dry


Three-color Diamond polishing pad



3”(80mm) 50 100 200 400 800 1500 3000
4”(100mm) 50 100 200 400 800 1500 3000
5”(125mm) 50 100 200 400 800 1500 3000
6”(150mm) 50 100 200 400 800 1500 3000

Pads:Diameter 4 inch (100mm) spiral turbo type.Thickness: 3mm (Working Thickness),Hole:14mm

The Pads are Flexible,Aggressive and Durable made with quality Diamond Powder impregnated in Resin.Color Coded per Grit,easy to identify and provide a different professional polished find.Sharp, wear-resistant and high efficiency

Wet polishing for Granite Marble Stone Quartz Tiles Concrete Artificial Stone

Polishing Kit for wet polisher,Floor Grinder or Polisher and stone polishing pads,Optimal RPM 2200 Max RPM 4500.Never Use with High Speed Grinde

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1.Out diameter:100mm 2.Thickness:3mm
2.Material: Resin and diamond grain
3. Diamond wet polishing pads for polishing stone and concrete
4. Grit Number: 50#,100#,200#,400#,800#,1500#,3000#,Buff
5. You can substitute any grits.
Please send a change of order message after buying if you would like to request different grits.

Flexible, suitable for different shape polishing,dry polishing can work more efficiently and with less pollution;
Fast polishing, good brightness and non-fading without changing the color of granite&marble stone;
Corrosion resistance, strong abrasion resistance,arbitrarily folded and long service life;
Resin bond diamond polishing pad for granite & marble tile stone,polishing,restoring,grinding or shaping;
Recommended speed is 2500RPM, Max is 5000RP



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