Marble Abrasive Oxalic Acid 5 Extra Frankfurt Abrasive Polishing

Marble Abrasive Oxalic Acid 5 Extra Frankfurt Abrasive Polishing

Origin: China
Inventory: 999999
Lead Time:3-15days
Min Order:10

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This is a patented tool which is obtained by concentrating the abrasive element into small sphere. It is used in the smoothing of marble, travertine and artificial marble. By applying the magnesite series and synthetic series marble and artificial marble, with a reduction in cost per s.q.m and an increase in productivity.
5-extra abrasive is used for polishing marble, marble derivatives, composed stone, and terrazzo and mosaic group of terrazzo in the last component of polishing line. It provides chemical additive to product polished. It is more soluble in water than the magnetite and synthetic group.

Product Description

5 10 Extra Frankfurt oxalic polishing abrasive is used to finely polish the marble travertine slabs or tiles in an automatic line polishing machine or manual polishing machine.
Magnesia Abrasive for Marble Granite Polishing Stone for Fickert Magnesite Silicon Carbide Abrasive Tool


Frankfurt Abrasive is used to polishing of stone slab and concrete in the continuous auotmatic polishing machine and manual polishing machine, with advantages of long life, high working efficiency and high gloss.
For Stone Granite Marble Sandstone and Concrete Ceramic Tile Polishing.
Grit: 24# 36#, 46#, 60#, 80#, 100#, 120#, 180#, 220#, 240#, 280#, 320#, 400#, 600#, 800#, 1000#, 1200#, 1500#, 1800#, 2000#, 2500#, Lux.
Package:24pcs/ctn, 36pcs/ctn
Materail: Magnesia, Oxalic acid,  Silicon Carbide.
Size: L140mm L170mm

Products feature

1. High processing efficiency, fast and lasting shining.
2. It is used for polishing marble slabs in an automatic polishing machine.
3.Compared with ordinary wet polishing pad,it has longer grinding lifespan and a better polishing performance
4.The wet polishing pad can be customized into any shape and color to meet your requirement
5.Very competitive at price, stanard good quality

Quick Details

Product name  Frankfurt oxalic polishing abrasive
Use for Marble
Material Oxalic
Usage Marble polishing
Supply Ability 800,000 pcs/month
Delivery time 7~15 days after payment received

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