Diamond Grinding Shoes Four Segments Concrete Grinding Blade

Diamond Grinding Shoes Four Segments Concrete Grinding Blade

Origin: China
Inventory: 999999
Lead Time:3-15days
Min Order:10
Color: red/green

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Diamond Grinding Plate
Screw Arc-shaped Grinding Plate
Mainly be used for grinding the surface of concrete floor, wet & dry use, and also used for coarse grinding granite, marble.

Shape : 4 teeth sprial
Diameter : 4 inch 100mm
Thickness : 8 mm
Hole : 14 mm
Material : Synthetic diamond, metal bond
Choose Grits: #30,#50,#100
Working Condition : Dry / Wet
Application : Transition Tool, Concrete Floor Restoration
Machine Compatible : Active planetary grinding machines,Passive planetary grinder, Polishing machine, Angle grinder, floor scrubber.

1, the old concrete floor renovation;
2, the use of PCD blade slashing epoxy floor thick coating after surface treatment;
3, slashing the thin old epoxy floor coating;
4, the flatness of the bad new, the old concrete ground floor surface treatment;
5, concrete floor, sand the surface all kinds of machinery to the light, dry shake floor hardeners should be evenly exposed sand;
6, terrazzo terrazzo effect or to deal with a variety of ground.
Use concrete diamond grinding can improve construction efficiency, reduce construction costs.

 Keyword  Diamond Grinding Shoes
 Product material  Metal, Diamond
 Product color  Red, orange, green, black
 MOQ  100pcs, Accept sample order
 OEM/ODM  Welcome
 Process  High frequency welding
 Teeth number  3
 Application  For concrete /floor/granite /marble/epoxy grinding


Made of high quality diamond powder impregnated in resin.
Using special binding agent.
Strong grinding force and smoothness.
Polish quickly and use for long time.
No color left on stone after polishing.
The 4 inch diamond wheel has air holes designed to help maintain and cool the cut pattern and reduce wear.
Perfect for granite, concrete, marble, stone, tiles, etc.


1. Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.
2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item, pls in kind prevail.

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