Marble Polishing Treatment And Process Flow


Marble because of the use of a long time, will appear on the surface of the marble crystal surface brightness and luster disappear, affect the overall decoration design of the home, then we in the marble crystal surface brightness and luster disappear, use what method can make the marble crystal surface glow? In this case, we need to polish the marble to restore the luster of the crystal surface of the marble.

Preparation before polishing marble.


So when we polish the marble, what should we prepare? Before polishing, we need to prepare some tools, such as terrazzo machine, marble polishing machine, diamond disc, polishing powder, stone crystal machine and so on.


Marble polishing process.


Step coarse grinding, coarse grinding, we require the grinding blade depth, grinding rate is high, grinding grain is coarse, grinding surface is rough, the main role is to clear the marble in the previous process left in the saw blade trace and the stone stone leveling, modeling surface grinding in place.


Two steps fine grinding, fine grinding after the marble surface of the pattern, particles, color has been clearly shown, and the surface is more delicate, smooth, and fine grinding after the marble began to have a weak gloss.


Three steps fine grinding, fine grinding marble surface without the naked eye visible traces, and the surface will be more and more smooth, high light degree can reach 55 degrees above.


Four steps polishing, we do in the first few steps, we use the marble polishing machine, from 50-3000 stone water grinding sheet coarse to fine marble grinding, this can make the ground bright and smooth as new, after polishing and grinding marble surface is very bright, marble brightness can reach more than 85 degrees.


Generally speaking, the steps of the appeal can basically handle the marble surface, but sometimes we will encounter artificial stones like jazz white and resin. After doing, the surface may not be very bright, we can spray A2 potion again with 3000# grinding to dry, Then repeat with the nano pad, with the marble mirror reface cream NO2, 2X mirror locking knife into the milk Q5 polishing and grinding, the water bright fruit will be much better than before.

Marble polishing matters needing attention.

When we polish marble, we should use different polishing and polishing processes according to the different types of marble, and the polishing and polishing process of flat plate is different from the polishing and polishing process of arc plate. We should pay attention to the following when we polish and polishing.

Post time: Dec-15-2022