4 Inch Wet Diamond Polishing Pads For Marble Granite

4 Inch Wet Diamond Polishing Pads For Marble Granite

● The flexible processing tool made of diamond as abrasive and composite material is stuck to the joint of the mill with nylon adhesive cloth on the back. It is convenient and fast to use, and can be used by sticking the product on the connector.

● With exquisite technology and advanced production technology, the knife is grinded with high speed, good sharpness, stable quality, long service life, high working rate, fast surface polishing, environmental protection, non-toxic and non fading.

● The granularity includes 30 #, 50 #, 80 #, 100 #, 150 #, 200 #, 300 #, 400 #, 500 #, 800 #, 1000 #, 1500 #, 2000 #, 3000 #, 5000 #, 6000 #, 8000 #, 10000 # and BUFF;

● Good sharpness, fast grinding speed, fast glazing and high luminosity; Different colors of stone use similar colors of water grinding discs!

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It is used for the processing of artificial stone, granite, marble and other stones. It has a full size of color and good flexibility, lines, chamfers, curved plates and stones with special shapes. It has a variety of shapes, specifications, grain sizes and is easy to identify. It can be flexibly matched with various manual grinders according to needs and habits.

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It is used for processing and renovation of various floors and steps after laying granite, marble and artificial stone slabs. It can be flexibly used with various hand mills or worker according to needs and habits.

It is used for grinding and polishing ceramic tiles. The ceramic tile manufacturers are equipped with manual and automatic throwers and semi throwers for microcrystalline tiles, glazed tiles and antique tiles. The semi throwers are used for processing smooth and matte tiles, and the smooth brightness value can reach more than 90 brightness;  It can be flexibly used with various manual mills or renovation machines according to needs and habits.

It is used for the renovation of various aggregate concrete floors or hardener floors, such as industrial floors, warehouses, parking lots, etc. Especially in the current popular liquid hardener floor projects, and different DS grinding particle sizes can be selected for coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing.



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